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Sago Solutions AS is a family owned Norwegian company established in 2016.

We  come from a long line of fishermen and use our history, experience and in-depth knowledge about fishing to create improving innovations.

We are based at the west coast of Norway with the North sea as our closest neighbor.


 In Sago we strive to design sustainable solutions.


Ingunn Elise Sørvik

Ingunn Elise Sørvik

Ingunn Elise graduated from the Norwegian Business School in 2013. She has a degree in market communication with a specialisation in project management. Ingunn has 11 years of experience from marine industries. In addition to Sago, she also work as a project manager in the tech development company Ilder AS.

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Linn Solveig Sørvik

Linn Solveig Sørvik

Linn Solveig certified as a pipefitter in 1999. She has wide experience working in the mechanical industry, with versatile experience from the offshore industry, including foreman, site engineer, shift supervisor and coordinator.

Linn Solveig achieved a degree in technical engineering in 2017.

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Omar Sørvik

Omar Sørvik
+47 959 93 958

With more than four decades of fishing expertise and 20 years' experience working as a Chief Advisor on longline vessels in the South Pacific, Omar has in-depth knowledge of the challenges of longlining. Omar is the inventor of Sago Extreme and Sago Combi Pool. He is also one of the founders of the ship owner Pesquera Azul Norge AS.

Team Sago: Omar Sørvik, Linn Solveig Sørvik and Ingunn Elise Sørvik


Fiskevegn AS has been our close partner throughout the development of Sago Extreme. Fiskevegn is a trusted manufacturer and supplier to the longlining industry and will be the worldwide distributer of Sago Extreme. Please contact their talented team for quotations. 

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BFG is a daughter company of Fiskevegn. They have built all the Sago Extreme prototypes, and we have chosen them to produce Sago Extreme.

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Pesquera Azul Norge AS is a norwegian shipowner founded and operated by fishermen. They own FV Ocean Azul, the pilot vessel for Sago Extreme and Sago Combi Pool.


As supporters of sustainable and legal toothfish fisheries, we are proud to be members of the Coalition of Legal Toothfish Operators, COLTO

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Sago Solutions has been a part of the incubator network at Atheno. Atheno has been a great support from Sago's very beginning.  

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Innovation Norway has been involved both financially and advisory in the development of Sago Extreme and Sago Combi Pool. 

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