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Sago Extreme is a patented solution for longlines - designed to secure the catch under water, making it unavailable for whale depredation and reducing the risk of losing catch in the hauling process.


Sago Extreme is made of aluminum with stainless steel details. The unit can be customized to fit different types of fisheries like toothfish, black cod and halibut.

Sago Extreme was one of three finalist for the Norfishing Innovation Award at Norfishing 2018.

Vigorously tested in fisheries around the world, including toothfish and halibut.

Sago Extreme


There are two options for when to release the Sago Extreme units into water:


1. Together with the longline as illustrated in the animation and description below.

2. When hauling the longline, replacing step 1 and 2 in the description below. With this method, the Sago Extreme will never be in contact with the seabed. 


The longline is tread through the Sago Extreme and they are released into the water simultaneously. The weight of the unit gives a beneficial effect to the longlines sinking time, an important factor for avoiding sea birds.


As the longline is lifted from the bottom during hauling, gravity makes the Sago Extreme glide along the line above seabed.


The catch is directed into the unit, where it gets un-hooked from the longline and is secured at the bottom part of the Sago Extreme.


Each Sago Extreme has a designated operational length and will move until it reaches its stopper. It is then hauled with the longline. The amount of Sago Extreme-units on the line depends of the volume needed to secure the total catch.


When Sago Extreme reaches the surface, the unit is secured and then lifted onboard with crane. A manually operated handle opens a hatch releasing the catch safely onboard.


Gaffing the fish over the railing is no longer necessary, making the process both safer for the crew and improves the quality of the final product.


Sago Extreme is invented by Omar Sørvik. In 2016, he and his team at Sago Solutions joined forces with one of the most trusted marine suppliers in the world, Fiskevegn. Fiskevegn is the distributer of the Sago Extreme solution.

Together, Sago Solutions and Fiskevegn have been cooperating in an industrial research and development program by Innovation Norway. 

We have tried, failed, learned and tried again - many times around. Developing a solution that is both functional on board and at a 2000 m depth is challenging. During this process we have been dedicated to creating a system that both serves its purpose of securing the catch, and that works well with a traditional auto line operation.


Sago Extreme has been extensively tested with exceptional results. 


When Omar first started working in the South Pacific in the early 90's, catch rates were great. They managed to fish their longlining quota with efficiency. 

When the first whales appeared around their vessel, the crew where fascinated with these large, beautiful marine mammals. They has Spanish as their work language and called the whales their amigos.  

It took some time before they first noticed that the whales were there for a reason; their catch. 

Since then, this problem has grown out of proportions in affected areas. Whales are intelligent creatures that have found a new, easy way to feed without the need of active hunting. They simply feed of the longline while it is being hauled towards the vessel. Both sperm whales and killer whales use longlines as a food source. This is what we refer to as whale depredation.

This challenged Omar to create a solution that is effective for the fishing fleet, and harmless for the whales. 

A whale
Underwater photo showing orcas

Are you also tired of feeding the whales? 

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