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When operating in some of the most remote, inhospitable and vulnerable marine areas in the world, the challenges comes with the territory. We take pride in developing efficient solutions to secure both economical and sustainable sound longline fisheries. 


Whale depredation is defined as the removal of fish from fishing gear by marine mammals or sharks. This is a growing issue reported in most Toothfish fisheries operating in the Southern Ocean, and several similar fisheries worldwide. 

The total catch in the toothfish industry are in some areas reduced up to 75 %. When whale depredation occurs, the entire fish will be removed, or there will be damage to the hooks and remaining fish. The damage is visible as lacerations on the fish, alternatively only the heads or lips remains on the hook.

Back in 2012 Rhys Arangio made a report concerning whale depredation on behalf of Austral Fisheries. The report “Minimising whale depredation” takes on the extent of the problem and presents different approaches on solving the situation. Since then, the whale depredation has further developed. Nevertheless, the report is equally relevant today.

Killer whales (orcas) and sperm whales use different methods to eat the longline catch. Both are extremely effective.
- Please note that his footage is not filmed by Sago Solutions. 


Seabirds are vulnerable to being caught on fishing hooks as they are diving for the baited hooks. Governments, scientists, the fishing industry and environmental organizations have all collaborated to find measures to minimize these interactions. COLTO (The Coalition of Legal Toothfish Operators) is deeply involved in this development.

They have succeeded in reducing the number of deaths significantly. We aim to contribute to this positive development.




Auto line vessels often operate in the cold environments of the Antarctic. There is a high risk of losing equipment when setting/hauling the longline when there is ice around the vessel.

This also causes delays in their work for long periods while waiting for the ice to move.

Icy waters


Fishing is known as one of the most dangerous professions in the world.

Based on extensive experience on the field, Sago Solutions are taking measures to better the safety and working environment on board fishing vessels.

Harsh weather autoline vessel


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