During the process to find the ultimate way to handle Sago Extreme on board, the first idea for Sago Combi Pool was created. That said, vessels can use Sago Extreme without this solution by lifting the units out of the water with crane either at the side of the vessel or through an moonpool.


The Sago Combi Pool (patent pending) are designed to take on challenges with bird mortality and working in icy waters as well as creating a safe and comfortable working environment for the crew. 

Sago Combi Pool is a stern extension module with an internal pool and working area. The longline is both set and hauled through the same pool. This means that the longline will be under water when it leaves the vessel, making it more unavailable for birds and protecting the longline from ice. 



​Pesquera Azul Norge AS are currently refitting a vessel to install and use both Sago Combi Pool and Sago Extreme fishing for toothfish. They will be operating under Uruguayan flag from Q1 2020.


In addition, the vessel will feature more innovations to increase the efficiency and the sustainability of the operation. Pesquera Azul Norge's vessel will also have a new, top quality research station on board where Uruguay invites both national and international scientist to join in. 

Picture: Pesquera Azul Norge's vessel as it arrived for refitting at LOS Marine, Rubbestadneset - Norway, 2018.

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