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Whale depredation study in U.S.A

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Sago Solutions is part of a pilot study in U.S.A, lead by Dr. Ian Stewart and Claude Dykstra of the International Pacific Halibut Commission + researchers from NOAA. Project work is funded by NOAA’s Bycatch Research and Engineering Program (BREP).

This is the second phase of the study and the goals are to (1) test the logistics of setting, fishing, and hauling the two catch protection designs being investigated, and (2) test gear performance and effects on catch rates and fish size with and without the devices.

Linn Solveig and Omar took part in the pilot testing on board FV Pacific Surveyor off the USA west coast in May 2023.

The test went very well, and the results are currently being analyzed.


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